Cold apetizers

Tuna carpaccio on leafy lettuce

Salted fish

Oktopus salad with cherry tomatoes

Local smoked ham (prosciutto)

Homemade sheep cheese with olive oil

Homemade dried sausage


Tomato cream soup

Fish soup

Beef soup

Local specialities from tavern Luce

Roast veal (with potatoes)

Local squid with side dish (grilled or fried)

Local squid from the Adriatic Sea in oven (with potatoes) - for 2 persons

Lamb roast (Lamb from the island of Krk,with potatoes)

Homemade macaroni “Šurlice” with scampi

Homemade macaroni “Šurlice” with salmon

Homemade macaroni “Šurlice” with octopus

Homemade macaroni “Šurlice” or potato gnocchi with goulash

Homemade macaroni “Šurlice” in truffle sauce

Homemade gnocchi with monkfish in white wine “Žlahtina” sauce

Fish and sea food

Squid (fried or grilled)

Spicy stew of seafood with polenta for 2 people (shrimp, mussels, clams)

Sea bass filet in truffle sauce with polenta

Salmon fillet grilled with vegetables

Mussels alla buzara

Monkfish in Žlahtina wine sauce with polenta

Marinated grilled tuna steak with homemade Swiss chard

Grilled scampi

Fish plater “Luce” - for 2 persons

Fish (grilled gilthead or sea bass) with local Swiss chard

Meat dishes

Vrbnik meat platter for two people (cevapcici, chicken, chop, burger, sausage)

Veal “naravni”with baked potatoes

Grilled chicken medallions with pommes

Grilled beefsteak with grilled vegetables

Cevapcici with fries

Beefsteak in pepper sauce with baked potatoes

"Vrbnicki pjat" with baked potatoes

Vegetarian dishes

Home made macaroni “Šurlice” in gorgonzola sauce

Great salad with feta cheese

Great salad with chunks of tuna and aurora dressing

Gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce

Side dishes

Swiss chard Dalmatian style

Stew with rice and fresh vegetables

Rice on butter

Potato pies

Grilled vegetable

Fried potatoes


Bread portion


Tomato salad with onions

Salad with arugula and potatoes

Mixed salad

Looseleaf lettuce salad

Cucumber salad

Cobbage salad



Traditional homemade sweet cake from Island of Krk with goat cheese

Panna cotta with truffle honey

Pancakes “Luce” (ice-cream with wild berries sauce)

Pancakes (marmelade, chocolate)

Ice-cream dessert “Luce” (vanilla ice-cream with wild berries sauce and whipped cream)

Ice – cream

Home made cake “Presnec”


White wine

Zlatna Vrbnička Žlahtina  0,75 l
Žlahtina Šipun 0,75 l
Žlahtina Ivan Katunar 0,75 l
Muškat – Katunar, polu suho vino 0,75l

Table wine

Vrbnička Žlahtina - stolno 1l
Crno vino – stolno 1l

Sparkling wine

Valomet  0,75 l

Red wine

Plavac – Pelješac 0,75 l
Terra Rossa 0,75 l

Quality wine

Nigra sv.Lucija – Katunar 0,75

Dessert wine

Prošek 1l

The Chef recommends



Traditional homemade sweet cake from Island of Krk with goat cheese